2009 Grand National Roadster Show is a success!

Another year is here. Another president is here. Another economy(or the lack thereof) is here . Another good showing for Painthouse is here. We are freshly back from our trip to the Grand National Roadster Show in the legendary Pomona, California (say it like the Governator). We had two cars in this year's event: the "32 Cabriolet (fancy schmancy for 'convertible') Red Hot Melt Down and $umday, a 1962 Corvette Roadster. This was the debut showing of the Corvette. Each car won first place in it's respective class, and the Vette also took home a display trophy (way to go Steve and Jennifer Keffeler, the owners of $umday and builders of its display!). This show is probably the most intense concentration of high quality vehicles you will find anywhere. It makes our local Autorama feel like a used car lot by comparison. It is also the home of the prestigious America's Most Beautiful Roadster award, known as AMBR (amber).  We had hoped the '32 would be eligible for AMBR, but, alas, a textbook roadster has no side (door) windows, not even an opening for them. We would have had to make an additional custom set of doors (which one contender this year actually did) and that was just too costly considering the car is finished. We were content to compete in the 'normal' ranks, and took home a First Place as a result. Mac did an outstanding job of getting the car detailed and show ready, as I was buried in the prep of the '62 Corvette, $umday. He trailered the car out solo, and his better half, Shelly, flew in Friday evening to join us at the show. Thanks for believing in us. clip_image001clip_image003 Our little Corvette project, $umday, was out in Rialto, California for the upholstery when we decided to debut it at the Grand National Roadster Show as well. Steve and Jenn drove the trailer out empty, except for his personally hand-made display, in expectation of bringing their first custom car home after the show. Little did they know that they would need to make sure there was room for not only the first place trophy but the award Steve won for his beautiful display. It was so classy and impressive that offers were made to purchase it on the spot as well as design and construct for others. I consider that the ultimate compliment. Their first show car, their first show, and First Place. Kudos to the Keffelers! Thanks for letting us help make your"$umday" into a "Here and Now". clip_image005clip_image007 clip_image009clip_image011 Despite the obvious thrill of flying in 'under the radar' and beating the best of the best, the real treat is getting to hang out with our friends and watch people enjoy the fruits of our labor. It was an honor to see Phil and Mary Leatherman, of Extreme Automotive, recognized as 'Builder of the Year'. They deserved that a long time ago as they are truly salt of the earth as well as fun. Thanks for letting us into your world. Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned, as I promise to keep this bloggy thing updated this time! C ya. Randy
Friday, January 30, 2009


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