Giving credit where it is due.

Okay everyone, its Easter. We had, thanks to my favorite in-laws, a fantastic party out at their property west of Houston. The unofficial count was over 200 people. Every year this event gets bigger, and better, thanks to my wife, the planner of said party. She really knows how to make an event come alive. I am posting this somewhat  unorthodox blog just to make sure it is known that I "get it". By that, I mean I know from where my "blessings" flow. I may not be able to quote the Bible by chapter and verse, but I do believe it. I, and unfortunately, my family may not be regular church goers, but we do believe in God, Jesus and especially the 'reason for the season'. I do have a prayer life, even if it is a relatively private one. Our business is successful because God has chosen it to be. He has given me some talent, as well as surrounding me with very talented people. Most importantly, He allowed me to find my wife, Jennifer, without whom this would not be possible. She is my Secret Weapon in all this. (I guess it's not a secret anymore, huh?) She keeps the family running when I work late, or for 7 days a week, or even overnight when needed. I get to travel to great shows out of our area and show off our works. All the while she is running my business, and my family, and seems to still like me! Other than the gift of Easter and the Resurrection, she is the greatest gift I could have ever been given. Oh yeah, the kids are in there somewhere, too! I not trying to be 'preachy' or 'religious'. I have been around people in our past experiences that constantly speak what we call Christianese. If they are moved to use a certain vocabulary, so be it. I guess it doesn't flow naturally out of me. I don't want my lack of 'Christianese'  to be confused with the fact that I do believe I am Saved because I believe in  what happened a couple thousand years ago on a rugged old cross on a stormy morning in a land thousands of miles away. And I know that I do not deserve , nor can I earn, the gift that was given that fateful day. Having said all these things, I want to wish everyone out there a Happy Easter. I hope in some small, or large, way, it is obvious to you and yours what this is all about. There has got to be something bigger out there for us; I refuse to believe it ends when we are put in a  box and buried six feet under. I have had too many unexplainable things happen to me to not believe in miracles. Nothing happens without a reason of some kind, whether we understand it at the time or not. But that is a subject for another blog! Take care all, Randy / Painthouse
Sunday, April 12, 2009


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