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Okay, so shoot me. I promised to blog more regularly, not knowing how 'irregular' my 'regular' actually is. It has been Easter since my last post, so I guess once every two months is about my speed. My better half and I are currently prepping for our trip North to the Goodguys Nationals in Columbus, Ohio (July 10-12th). We are showing the '32 Ford "Red Hot Meltdown", the '62 Vette "$umday" as well as our firstborn, the '70 Chevelle "Heavy Metal". Our Interior God Extraordinaire, Ron Mangus, and his voluptuous wife Terry, are also flying out to take in the festivities. RHM- Classy Chassis 2009 (38) $umday- Classy Chassis 2009 (19) Copy of Harrington 4 On the way to Ohio, we will be taking a slight detour to the RTM Television Studios in Franklin, Tennesee. They are the creators/producers of the popular PowerBlock series of shows (Trucks, Muscle Car, Hot Rod TV and Xtreme 4x4). They will be filming the '62 Vette, along with Courtney Hanson, on July 7th. The air date is yet to be announced. We also have a date, August 17th, for the '32 to be filmed. The Chevelle was honored to be in their studios a couple years back. It continues to be an honor and another feather in our hat (who wears those hats anyway?) that we are proud of. Thanks again to my friend Keven Tetz, host of Trucks TV, for getting our foot in the door with Powerblock and believing in what we do. Kudos to you, Kevin. The cool part of the Goodguys show is the driving, not to mention the host hotel parking lot event, which occurs in the late afternoons and well into the evenings. I have to wonder if people don't come for that as much as the actual show itself.  It is an outdoor show, and it is required that you drive into the event. Although the '32, and especially the Vette, have street miles on them, it has been awhile for the Chevelle. It debuted in California at the Super Chevy show in Pomona, taking home top honors of Best in Show and  Meguiar's Gold Class award. Since that event, in 2005, we have done only indoor events. It's time to get some sun on that black/candy orange skin! We have upgraded the Chevelle's Air Ride System to their most current products: Ride Pro and Level Pro. (Thanks to Jon at Air Ride for helping us out with some nagging 'plungers' in the solenoids.) We also replaced the two Optima batteries that I seem to keep having problems with this time trying Odyssey's version of a 'no-spill' battery. Hey Optima rep, any clue to why these things keep losing their ability to hold a charge, even with a trickle charger on them at all times? I would love to know and welcome any help that can be given. We remounted them in the trunk using a pair of in house custom-made battery trays, along with cleaning up the wiring in the rear as well. Additionally, we made 'hard' radiator lines out of stainless tubing, and painted them gloss black. Finally, we connected and cranked up the stereo system, which we had never used to date! What a fantastic system. "Stereo" Bob Staudinger, you should be proud. I have been putting some mild road time (okay, maybe 'semi-mild' might be more appropriate) on the car as well, and so far, so good. The Air Ride System is doing it's job, the fluids are staying where they belong (in their respective areas of the car, no leaks to date), the sound system makes more noise than any human should be subject to and the engine is running to it's potential. No promises, I will blog as soon as I can again. We have shown at a couple local events lately and I need to update you, our loyal fans, how things went. Tennessee and Ohio, here we come! Take care all, Randy / Painthouse
Monday, June 29, 2009


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