PAINTHOUSE does Dallas.


The show is over. Simply put, the PAINTHOUSE cars did well, very well. Jimmy Austin and his crew put on a very classy event, highlighted by he and his co-promoter personally greeting and thanking every exhibitor and vendor this morning as we entered the show. That is something you just don't see much, if at all, in this realm. Fine job, gentlemen.


The big winner, Blue Belle, was honored to receive First in Class, Outstanding Paint, Outstanding Display, a nomination into the Fab 4 competition (the winner getting the Texas Diamond trophy, and some cash) and finally, the CASI Cup, a special award given by the Championship Auto Shows, Inc. as their pick of the show. That is quite a special thing and our second time to win it here in Dallas (Jenn and Steve Keffeler's $umday Corvette won it last year as well).


Candy Apple Blonde, Jeff and Ann Smith's 1957 Chevy convertible, garnered a First in Class and also an Outstanding Paint award.


Mac and Shelly Bernd's '55 Chevy was also First in its class as well as winning  the coveted Lonestar Trophy. Great job, guys.


John and Jacy Jackson (Not Stock Photography), our favorite photographer(s) brought home a First in Class. He is heading north in his '64 Corvair van for the Detroit Autorama and, who knows, maybe the Riddler award. What? It could happen.


Last but not least, Jerry and Sue Lester brought out their 1972 Gran Torino that we painted about 12 or 13 years ago and brought home a First in Class. Jerry bought this car new, having ordered it from Viet Nam and took delivery when he returned stateside. Thanks for the proof that our work lasts, and your service to our country as well.

Well, folks, its late. We have all the cars loaded and ready for the drive home tomorrow. Thanks to everyone, including he guys back in the shop keeping the wheels turning (and to Cliff for tagging along with me to get all this unloaded, set up, cleaned and reloaded for home) while I travel and do this stuff. Watch out, I'll be back tomorrow.

Until next time,


Monday, February 21, 2011


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