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55 Tbird - Brocmeyer

Despite what I would call a relatively cool year so far, the summer heat has finally arrived in full force. Having said that, we are making progress on several jobs in the oven, er, shop. With the school year and the kids' activities fast approaching again, we have to get as much done as possible while we can. There really aren't many shows that we attend until Fall, so this is a busy time for us.

??55 Tbird at coming home from Mangus (2) 

The interior as first seen at the Mangus fortress in Rialto, California. 


The buttocks holders. Handmade, no less.

55 Tbird- leather selection 3-16-2010 4-17-08 AM 3008x2000

The chosen colors/textures. 

The '55 Thunderbird of Penny and Richard Weiss is back in the thick of things here at Painthouse. With the leather threads provided by Ron Mangus safely tucked away, we have pulled the engine  and transmission out and are well on our way to a different color for each. A factory two 4-barrel intake manifold setup is going on top to give this 'Bird just a little more take-off power.


The Wizard (Bruce) only uses the hoist so he doesn't embarrass the other guys with his super human strength.


The transmission, in its now former black coating.


The naked transmission assembly. Engine to follow.

While the engine bay is empty, we will weld up a few of its unneeded holes and repaint as needed. Then the final assembly of Penny's Little Hot Rod can begin.


Its been a long time coming, but hopefully worth the wait. We'll be sure to let you know where she is going to be seen in the near future, so you can let us know in person.

Until next time..


Sunday, August 8, 2010


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