Racing West..


After a great weekend of watching my daughter and her volleyball team in Austin, Texas, myself, Blue Belle and Dick Weiss (the husband of Penny Weiss, Blue Belle's owner) headed west for the Grand National Roadster Show.

I have made this drive many times in the past, most of them solo, so  to have a capable driving partner, and someone to talk to , was a pleasant surprise.

The weather was clear and pleasant the entire way (boring to me, but I never claimed to be normal, or smart!), so we made great time, getting to Ron Mangus' home by 6:00 Monday evening. We are staying here until Wednesday, while Blue Belle gets a few tweeks and upgrades to her 'threads'. On Wednesday afternoon, we begin to move in to set up at our designated spot in the Grand National Roadster Show. Then the 'hurry up and wait' begins..

On the way home, we will drop by the Waco Autorama for the weekend of February 4-6. So, if you can't quite get out to Pomona, California for the GNRS this weekend, head on up to Waco for a nice, little (but not small) car show. Myself and Blue Belle would love to meet you.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


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