Trucks Super Dually

All Star Auto Body Thrash Crew This week has sped by. I was invited to return  to the studio of Trucks! and participate in the paint job on their Super Dually project. Day one and well into Day Two were spent sanding the HECK out of the Dually. Holy Crap, there is alot of surface area there! Toward the end of Day Two, I was able to get the bed painted in both colors (grey pearl metallic and a blue pearl) and clear coated. The morning of day three, we were joined by Brian Finch, one of the build team that also helped on the Paint and Body Thrash. While he and Kevin prepped the doors, hood and fenders, I wet sanded the bed, (it had been baked the evening before), and prepared it for the application of the "Super Dually" name. We decided that I would try to get creative and spray out several different styles/colors of the name on a test panel Kevin had already painted in both colors, in an attempt to choose what fit the project best. After lunch, we loaded the doors (4), fenders and hood into the booth and the next round of painting began. The three of us attacked the parts, spraying the grey sealer first, then the pearl grey, pearl blue and finally 3 coats of clear. Lastly, the baking ensued again. Day four was begun by the application of the stencils for the "Super Dually" name. Into the booth I went with a custom-made candy blue pearl and my paint gun. And, oh yeah, Rob, the videographer extraordinair, followed me around the whole time. I have to admit, I find that very unnerving! Nonetheless, the graphic was sprayed, untaped and the entire bed was recleared and baked again. It never ceases to amaze me how much slicker/smoother clearcoat is when it is sprayed over a foundation of sanded/cured clear. Time well spent. Once I exited the booth, and the bed had baked, we swapped it out for the cab assembly. Kevin and Brian had spent all morning final sanding it, as well as seam-sealing where needed and the required masking. Brian applied the sealer and pearl grey, then we masked the two-tone line, followed by me applying the pearl blue. Finally, Brian and I applied the clear coats. The baking then ensued. Today, day 5, we took all the now painted parts into the studio. I wetsanded and polished the bed first, then we installed it, the doors, fenders and hood. Well, what do you know, there's a truck in the studio! Because of rules, I cannot show any pictures of what we did, or the final product. After our (Brian and myself) individual interviews with Kevin,  we called it done. Suffice it to say that we came a LONG way in 5 days. Painting that truck (in pieces) was like painting a subdivision, one house at at time! Would I do it again: ummmm..... yes. Thanks to Trucks!, RTM Studios, Blane, Rob, Kevin and Ryan. Call anytime, I'll be there. For all of you who want to be able to make fun of me, there is no specific air date. Once I have one, I might let you know. Have (paint)Gun, Will Travel! Randy
Monday, October 11, 2010


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