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Hey All, The trip to Columbus, Ohio was fantastic. I have to admit, the Goodguys event we just returned from has given me a whole new perspective on car shows. I have done indoor stuff for years, and been to the Fort Worth Goodguys a couple times, but this event in Columbus was off the charts. The cars have to be driven in, they sit out in natural daylight ( and a lot of them, overnight, as well), they even get rained on. It is refreshing to see these mega-dollar cars actually get used, relatively speaking. All the participants are required to drive into the event under their own power. The Street Machine of the year entrants even had to drive an autocross course, which was fascinating to watch as these unbelievable machines were pushed to their limits. Another fascinating aspect of this event is the culmination of all the styles of cars and builders- from nearly stock original cars to full blown, take-it-to-the-limit radical show cars. And everything in between. Cars and trucks with styles from the 60's, 70's, 80's and on up to current cars making their debut at this event. It was like sitting and watching a time machine of automobilia drive by, literally. Mac and Shelley Bernd (the owners of our little '32 project, Red Hot Meltdown) were perfect hosts as they have the privelege of being only one of two trailers allowed to park in the Crown Plaza's (the host hotel) parking lot. This allows them to become a gathering place for friends, old and new, amid good food, drink and most of all, hot rods. I cannot effectively describe how absolutely cool it was to sit there and take in all the cars as they cruised by. The sound, smell and atmosphere is unmatchable at any indoor show I have been to yet. I understand that not all car owners are willing to subject their personal piece of art to this environment, but those that do have my respect. I know what it is like to keep a show car, a black one at that, in top condition at all times. Take a look at our Chevelle and you will know what I mean. We did one outdoor show in California, our first ever in fact with that car, and it was very hard on the paint job. I do see both sides, but what fun to see and hear them drive. We were honored to be selected into the rarified air of the Street Rod of the Year contest. The show picks 5 cars that are good enough to be brought indoors where the final selection is made. To make that group of cars was so humbling to me. The people we were mixed in with are the cream of the crop in terms of building these great cars. Ultimately, we did not win, but, yet, we did. I hope you know what I mean by that.  The Street Rod of the Year was won by Dave Lane of Fast Lane Hot Rods with a beautiful black '32 Sedan Delivery. He is such a nice guy, easy to talk to and most deserving. The Street Machine of the Year was won, again, by the Rin Brothers with a phenomenal '69 Camaro. Last year they won with a Mustang. It is the first time anyone has won back to back. What's next for them, a Mopar, for the 3-peat? For now, it is back to the real world, but in my case, that's not such a bad thing! Once I get back in the groove here at work, I will post some of my favorite pictures up here and let you all see what I am trying to express in words, rather ineffectively I might add. Take care, Randy / Painthouse
Tuesday, July 15, 2008


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